Neil front man

Graham guitarist

Matt bass

Lee drummer

Welcomed to SERVICED online

Lip Service has no hidden agenda. They do one thing and they do it well; they ROCK! There is no political message or introverted whining, no false platitudes or sentiment. A Lip Service gig is 100% biker-friendly high-revved rock n roll.

It's party central and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Lip Service began life in an ammo store and developed a look and sound of their own, recently described as ‘sleazy 80’s influenced hard rock drowned with lyrics about sex and drugs’.

In 2011 Lip Service supported 80s giants Dan Reed (The Dan Reed Network) and, later, Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy) and release a follow up 6 track EP entitled ‘Six of the Best’. Skid, from, probably best describes the Lip Service mission statement: “Lip Service are trying their damndest to bring the debauchery of the ‘80’s roaring into the current millennium”.

“We’re not afraid to Rock”, say Neil (Lip Service frontman), “put us anywhere – small intimate gig or on a big stage, and we’ll give you a show. You’ll leave with a smile on yer face and a sweat on yer brow”.

In 2012, Lip Service went back into the studio to produce their latest album – Jack n Coke. The 10 – track studio album was recorded in Southampton and mixed/mastered by Ricky Summers. The album also includes a cover of a Zodiac Mindwarp track (‘Backseat Education’) for which the great Zod himself has wished the band well. Neil named the album after his favourite drink and some of the album tracks will become stalwarts of any Lip Service set list for a while to come.

“We’re so proud of the album and I’m proud of the writing. It was fun to record and also to work with Ricky. We even wrote one of the tracks in the recording studio, now that’s old school, really 80s!” says Neil.

Early 2013 has been a very busy but rewarding time for Lip Service. Playing their own headlining tour, Lip Service went on to sell out several of the dates, notably Brighton, Bristol and Southampton, and later this year the band have a return invite to play the Gosport Waterfront Festival.

In 2015, we are going in to recording studio with Ricky Summers to record EP.

What began in an ammo store has now turned into a full frontal assault; Lip Service are explosive!

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