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Lip Service began life in an old ammo store and developed a look and sound of their own, recently described as ‘sleazy 80’s influenced hard rock drowned with lyrics about sex and drugs’. 

They found a direction with their first album but it was their second, ‘Come And Get It’, that got the media talking, with the single, ‘Late Night Love Affair’, achieving significant airplay (particularly across America), and managing to chart in Brazil. Follow up EPs ‘Six of the Best’ and self-titled ‘Lip Service’ were equally well received.


Lip Service soon found themselves playing festivals, and providing tour support for Wishbone Ash, and 80s giants Dan Reed (The Dan Reed Network) and Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy). One of the greatest endorsements the band received was when Zodiac Mindwarp (perhaps the ultimate sleaze rocker) gave his blessing and wished the band well after hearing the band’s cover of ‘Backseat Education’.

But, whatever the stage, the Lip Service mission statement has never faltered. Skid ( summed it up nicely: “Lip Service are trying their damndest to bring the debauchery of the ‘80’s roaring into the current millennium”. “We’re not afraid to Rock”, say Neil (Lip Service frontman), “put us anywhere – small intimate gig or on a big stage, and we’ll give you a show. You’ll leave with a smile on yer face and a sweat on yer brow”. 

Along with the rest of the entertainment industry Lip Service have been badly affected by the recent pandemic but the band remain and are as passionate about their music as ever. Lip Service have continued to rehearse, write and record new material - “I’m quite proud of the writing and there’s enough material for a new album”, says Neil, “but its time to get out there and play again, time to reconnect with our fan base, time to reconnect with our Lip Service Rockas”!


What began in an ammo store has now turned into a full frontal assault; handle with care - Lip Service is explosive! 

Lip Service would like to thank 

Maciej Knopf
Aga Pacuk
Toby Cunningham
Corinne Leong
Del from

everyone we’ve worked with and all the fans who have supported us over the years

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